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Build your Brand

Build a Perfume line that scales to your brands needs.

Boost Your Brands Revenue

Chanel, Gucci, LVMH, and others have used perfumery as a way of maintaining profitability for their businesses since their inception. Learn their secrets and take your business to the next level.

Build a New Revenue Stream

Diversify your revenue in order to build more options for your customers and clients.

Increase Your Profits

Perfumery is historically one of the top profit points for fashion businesses. We help you realize those profits that can be nearly $20k additional revenue per year!

Spread Your Brand into New Markets

Fashion is the most competitive global industry, we make it easy to spread your brand into new areas of the market.

Scale Your Business

The profits of perfumery can be reinvested into other parts of your business, and allow you to scale your main product lines quality.

How Does It Work?

Work with our world-class and French trained perfumer to discuss the details of your brand, desired fragrance, profit point, marketing approach, and launch strategy. We walk with you through the entire process, and help you create a revenue stream that you can put minimum effort into for maximum profit.

Meet with World Class Perfumer

Our Perfumer Ethan Turner has created +300 succesful unique formulas, created profit within the first months for all our portfolio brands, and has created a system and network to help scale your perfumery needs. He also is the 2021 Perfumer of the Year from Pinappos, and is a French Trained Perfumer through ISIPCA - the world's top Perfume school.

Choose your Order Quantity and Fulfilment Preference

We build from small batch to large orders, and help with different forms of fulfilment. We offer:​

  • White/Private Label

  • Fragrance Compound Orders

  • Scaling to Fulfilment Center


We share your product in new markets

Engage your brand with our network of writers and columnists from different fragrance magazines, blogs, journals, and news networks. Expand your brands reach from fashion to new areas of beauty and cosmetics.

Scale and Grow your Perfumery line in order to scale and grow your business

Our portfolio brands see profits within the first months of launching, and we help you organize your profit for scaling your fashion business, as well as your perfume line. Scale your perfume line from small batch orders to sales of $1000's per month.


Our Portfolio Brands

Shamalahamala Logo.jpg


Produced for Celebrity and Commedian Kevin James Thornton, Shamalahamala was produced to create a luxurious scent that was both funny, and smells great. This fragrance turned profit within 8 hours of announcement.

FTTP Logo V1.jpg

Flower to the People

Flowers to the People is a fragrance brand focused on sharing the story of revolutionaries throughout history, and sharing their stories through perfumery. Fleur au Peuple is their premier fragrance.



Freedom is a fragrance focused on self expression, growth, and the scent compliments that. Launched in Spring 2023

Anuri A La Plage Bottle mock.png

Senti Designs

Senti Designs created their debut perfume Anuri A La Plage which has been featured in AskMen Magazine, turned profit on its second day launched, and is expanding to their fragrance collection.

HOD Logo.jpg

House of Donaldson

House of Donaldson began its collection Longitude/Latitude and created pre-sales and is generating profits to expand into retail stores.

J&G New Logo  NY.png

J&G Luxe Lifestyle

A fragrance that exudes the refreshing feeling of summertime in NY. This is the signature scent for J&G's Fragrance line launching in Summer 2023


House of David

House of David created their debut fragrance Burnished leather pre-launch sales, debuted their fragrance in Mexico retail stores, and is expanding its fulfilment options to the United States.

_WH Brand Logo__edited.jpg

Warren Hampton

We manage the formula for the inaugural release of the Warren Hampton Signature fragrance launching in 2023


Blue Coileon

A fragrance reminiscent of fresh fruits, sweet woods, and intoxicating energy, this fragrance was launched Spring 2023

Vibe Logo Design.png


The aroma studio is a brand looking to empower young and old alike to become the best versions of themselves. Very Intelligent, Black and Excellent is the premier fragrance for this brand.

Edet Martin Logo.JPEG

Edet Martin

We manage the formula for the inaugural launch of the Edet Martin Signature scent launching in 2023



Coming soon is a natural, fresh, fun and vibrant fragrance that is an extension of the Just4Love fragrance line. This fragrance will be launching Summer 2023.

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