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The founding story


The story of Maison Ethan Turner is very much similar to many entrepreneurial stories. It started with a problem. For many years, Ethan had been searching for a smokey, peaty, earthy, and bold fragrance. One day, while searching, he decided he was unsatisfied with the limited options from niche and luxury brands and would start making his own personal fragrances.


His friend, Emeka Ukaga, sitting nearby, offered to pay Ethan if he built a custom fragrance for him as well. With that said, Ethan knew there was a business to be made. The name Moi was born and the idea of providing every individual the opportunity to own their own cologne became the founding principal of the company.

After working in the world of fine food and wine our founder, Ethan Turner, discovered a new passion. He has always been a passionate storyteller, had a heart for hospitality, an obsession with the finer things in life, and most importantly a very adept nose. He is a Level 1 Sommelier through the court of master sommeliers, and is still pursuing his Level 2, has researched many different olfactory technologies, and decided to combine his skills to launch Maison Ethan Turner.

Our Values

MOI Emblem with Gold MET white BG.png

MOI  /mwä/ - 1. pronoun French, Me, self, ego. 2. acronym. English, My Olfactive Imitation.

Our logo is an overlapping MOI, and represents the overlapping layers of a fragrance: the Head, Heart, and Body notes. This represents our core values:

  1. Intrigue the Mind (Head)

  2. Please the Heart

  3. Feel great on your Body. 

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