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How It Works


The MOI Experience is a luxury bespoke fragrance on subscription. The process is simple. Fill out our informational form, and set a time with one of our parfumeur-concierges to create a unique formula. The subscription is $120 every 90 days. Each order comes with 30ml of fragrance. We do offer a one-off experience for $160.

fragrance is your story and we craft that into haute couture. Want more info about how what scents work well together? Check out our Experience Guide!



 We curate the finest scents of each season so that you always smell a step ahead - and noticeable. Every three months you will receive a call from your personal perfumeur-concierge to build a new fragrance.

Own Your Cologne

You deserve a piece of haute couture. Receive a 10% commission on referrals to your unique formula.


Concierge Services

As part of your subscription, you receive premium concierge services for all your fragrance needs. Do you need a new fragrance, or you're not enjoying the current one? Our perfumer-concierges are there to help, give them a call.

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