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MOI Fragrance Reviews

Hear from others on why you should subscribe.

Dan Tyre

Director of Hubspot

I am a very happy subscriber and love the Maison Ethan Turner Moi concept. The company goes out of its way to help you find your personal fragrance (which in my case was hard) My wife likes when I smell good. Moi helps me smell good and even better, I don't smell like some French dude who wears an ascot. I smell like me. Moi is the perfect gift for the person in your life or for yourself. + Ethan will hustle for your business. Go, Maison Ethan Turner, Go

Khiry Wilson

Entrepreneur, Rapper, Producer

One of the best people to work with! Ethan really knows how to help serve you and get you the scent that you want. I really appreciate him and his attention to detail when it comes to scent! Love my product! Thank you Ethan. 🙏🏾✊🏾

Aida Toure

Financial Analyst

Best experience ever! For perfumes/fragrance enthusiasts, I highly recommend MOI for customized perfumes!!

Sai Kappagantula

Supply Chain Engineer at Intel

Ethan provided valuable insights into the world of fragrances. With Moi, you get an experience. Happy to be an early adopter and hope others soon use their products!

Brittany Haywood

MOI Client

I one thousand percent recommended adding a MOI fragrance to your fragrance collection! My fragrance came out so specific, was exactly what I imagined and Ethan’s customer service is phenomenal. Not only is he changing the fragrance game but he includes you in the process every step. There is so much passion behind what he is doing and it shows in the product and experience.

Eva Cardenas

MOI Client

Ethan Turner @ moifragrance is dedicated to his craft. As a blooming entrepreneur and a master in guest services one can truly feel the attention to detail when it comes to his product. Upon smelling my own fragrance for the first time, I have to admit that I was astonished because I hadn’t ever experienced this fragrance before and then it dawned on me: This is truly a bespoke scent. I hadn’t ever experienced this before because this scent hadn’t ever been made. As we sat down and talked perfumery, I expressed my concerns about longevity. My own skins PH breaks down fragrance quite quickly and I wanted to know if this was worth my coins. I left our meeting knowing that I’d test out the perfume myself and the reviews are in: On bare skin this perfume lasts 2 hrs (Don’t panic ! This is great considering some name brand pricy perfumes only last 30 minutes on me before they fade) On lotion lathered skin, approximately 3.5 hrs. (For those who don’t know, a fragrance free moisturizer helps the longevity of a perfume.) On lotion and Aquaphor layered skin this perfume lasted approximately 5-6 hrs. (Aquaphor /Vaseline/ CeraVe Skin Protetctant placed on ‘hot spots’ is typically my go to in order to make my fragrances last as long as possible on my skin) Lastly, I initially did a ‘spray, delay and walk away’ with this perfume, meaning that most of it landed on my clothes and I can tell you that the scarf and sweater this fragrance landed on a week ago still smell amazing to this day... Perfume details: Top notes of Strawberries Blooms into a flowery Pomarosa Lingers of White Musk People who have read up to this point, please support @moifragrances. Ethan Turner will take care of you 100% ! You won’t go wrong with this investment. XO, Eva

Takur Baichu


Working with Maison Ethan Turner on my personal MOI fragrance was a great experience. You could tell how much care he has for his customers and his drive to make sure we’re satisfied. He’s also very open to feedback, which helps tremendously when narrowing down on specific notes and scents in my fragrance. Can’t wait to build the next iteration of MOI with Maison Ethan!

Noor Saied

MOI Client

Moi isn’t just a transaction for a product. It’s an experience and the outcome is a creation! Absolutely loved my fragrance and that it’s significant to me!

Tremayne Toorie

Artist, Rapper, Strength Coach

Working with MOI fragrances with nothing less than a wonderful experience. Professional with a friendly touch. The process of picking what scents would be best to match my preference was quick and easy. The product I received came to Atlanta on time, and the fragrance is perfect. I will be getting my cologne from them for a long time!

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