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A Promising Year

In our last year we were able to accomplish some incredible things. We built over 200 fragrances, meaning we heard over 200 stories in the process. We pushed what was once a concept into a business and had the opportunity to connect with many other industry professionals and perfumers. We traveled to many places and held 6 different wine and perfume events for people around the US. We shipped our first fragrances internationally and even had a chance to go spend time learning and planning in Paris. There are countless other accomplishments from this past year, and each and everyone of them I have you all to thank for it.

The Goals

A year is a great amount of time to grow and expand, so this upcoming year our goals are even bigger. We want to share what the top 5 goals for MOI Fragrances are, and we would love for you to join us on this mission. Let's take MOI to the next level in 2022!

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