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Golden Pineapple Awards

With the conclusion of our first year we are really kicking things off with a bang! Rookie season was great, but our sophomore year we're going to do even better. We are so excited to share that we were nominated by the Pinappos Selection Committee and by the Public for the Best Designer Award and the Perfumer of the Year Award at the Golden Pineapple Awards. Best Designer is awarded to a brand that is pushing the bounds of the perfumery industry. This aligns completely with our mission and vision of what we are doing at MOI Fragrances, and is amazing to be recognized for. In addition, Ethan Turner, our Nose and Founder has been nominated for Perfumer of the Year.

We need your help to ensure that we win both awards! It is a public vote, so we need you to follow the link below and select MOI Fragrances and Ethan Turner for Best Designer and Perfumer of the Year. You do not have to hit submit, simply click the names and you're good to go!

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