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Perfumer of the Year

It goes without saying that this award is the biggest of our business, and the level of honor to have our head perfumer be voted Perfumer of the Year goes unmatched. The nominations of who we were next to included names as big as @francois_demachy , @perfumer.claude.dir and @metakaya all of whom are respected deeply and industry icons. This is a humbling moment, and as we go deeper into our sophomore year of perfumery we plan to continue working to innovate and expand the concept of the olfactive industry. Thank you everyone who voted and nominated Ethan, friends and family who supported us, and FragComm for embracing our business. Although we were also nominated for best designer, we are happy to congratulate all of the other winners of the different Pinappos awards. Congratulations to Tom Ford on their award as Best Designer.

The Perfumer of the Year award honors the individuals who have innovated and inspired, while also recognizing their hard work, craftsmanship, and artistry in fragrance. This is representative of what our founder and nose embodies. He is an artist, hard worker, and always looking to improve his craft.

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