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Anuri a La Plage Launches

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Saturday, October 2, 2021 the SENTI collaboration with MOI Fragrances, of Maison Ethan Turner launches their fragrance, Anuri A La Plage for the Fall/Winter 2021 season. The collaboration is debuting at Tempe Fashion Week. The partnership comes as an inspiration for creating more connections between African diaspora owned clothing brands and perfumeries.

Anuri A La Plage is a unisex fragrance telling the story of worlds separated between two different coasts. Donning the name “Anuri A La Plage”, the Eau de Parfum will represent the bright Joy felt at the beach. “Anuri” is Igbo, a Nigerian Language, for the word Joy. “A la plage” is French for “at the beach”. Anuri A La Plage on initial spray, expresses aquatic notes with African sweet orange, Iris, and Blueberry, that flourishes into a Madagascar Vanilla and Virginia Cedar. The fragrance is placed in a blue glass, allowing one to see the ocean between two different coasts. Orders can be made on the SENTI website for the fragrance $99. The launch has been featured in several editorials and by several influencers, and we would like to thank all of them for collaborating. Your words and thoughts on the fragrances we have built mean so much and it is an honor to have each and everyone of you as a part of the collaboration effort. Kori from Fandomentals Our Friends at Perfumer and Flavorist Magazine Scott Mastito (@Scott.aromatico) Elena Cloud (@elenazcloud) Marcial Garcia (@marcialsblendsfragrances) Shoutout Arizona


Bonjour Paris!

After much planning, thought, and hopes we are headed to the home of luxury and fashion! Paris here we come! I am excited to announce that from December 2-6th I will be traveling and networking with different perfumers, perfume shops, perfumery schools, and of course tasting all of the wine while we do it! We would love to host a wine and perfume event, so to all international friends, please let me know if you would be interested in an event!


We are seeking to do more events as the holiday season approaches. Many will be public events, but we would love to connect with you for a corporate, private, or public holiday party. If you are interested in hosting us, send an email to to learn more about how we plan them out.


For more information:


Premier Cognac, Cologne, Cigars Event

We hosted our premier cognac, cologne, and cigar event and it was a blast! It was hosted for a private wedding event, and the groomsmen developed a signature scent that paid hommage to their Coat of Arms. The Garmon brothers named their fragrance Garmund, after the origin of their name meaning Spear Protector. The cognac and cigars were selected wonderfully in partnership with each other and it was a great event for sending off my friend Marcus into eternal wedlock.

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