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Price Increases

We are so thankful for what we are building and the direction our brand is going. As quality of materials and quality of craftmanship increases, in order to continue building this dream there was a price increase on April 1st. As a reminder, I have grandfathered in any clients that have started their subscription or who have ordered their one-off before April 1st for the rest of the year. The price increase is as follows for new clients after April 1st:

  • One-offs: From $120 to $160

  • Quarterly Subscription: From $80 to $120/qtr

The Price for previous clients before April 1st will remain the same until Jan 1 of 2023.

In addition to the Price Increases we have returned our consultation pricing. The consultation price is $15, and is applied to your final order cost when you purchase either a subscription or a One-Off Fragrance.

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