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International Shipping Update

Earlier today we received word from our courier partner that our company has been approved to be apart of the known shippers system with TSA. This is a very unique and large accomplishment, especially for the size of our company.

What is the Known Shippers System?

The known shippers system is a TSA initiative that was founded after the 9/11 tragedy. It is a program designed by the TSA to vet companies who deliver products domestically and internationally. When you become a part of their system, you receive the option to ship on passenger planes. This is a big deal because normally cargo must be shipped on cargo planes which don't fly often. Because there is a large network and system of routes that passenger planes fly frequently, this reduces shipping time, costs of shipping, and allows for safer, easier, and more secure shipping.

Why does this matter?

As our clients are located all across the globe, one of our primary goals is to make shipping affordable, fast, and safe. If you are domestic or international this completes all three of these. You will get your product faster than normal, especially if you are outside of the USA. You will get your product at a cheaper international shipping cost than our competitors, and you can be happy to know that since it has been on a cargo plane, the screening and protection of your product is enhanced.

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