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Launch Announcement

I want to start by saying a huge thank you! You have been an amazing part of Maison Ethan Turner, and as early adopters of the Moi Experience we really appreciate your support! We have gone from having an initial 20 subscribers to tripling the amount. We are now at 60 total subscribers and constantly growing. To learn more about our growth over the past 90 days, follow this link.

Next Steps - Important to receive your order!

With your help, we have finally arrived at a date for launch. We will be launching May 10th 2021! We are ecstatic to say that with your help we can continue making fragrances that tell your story. Still, there are a three things left to do.

  1. Confirm your order If you previously have ordered with us, and this is your second order, please fill out this form again and book a time on my calendar. If this is your first order with us and you haven't booked a calendar time, your order isn't confirmed, and you will need to book a time before we can ship here.

  2. Send your mailing information If you have not already ordered before with us, then we will be needing your mailing information. The form for this will be here.

  3. Spread the word We are excited to be launching, and we know you're excited to receive your fragrance! Please share that excitement with your friends, family, and on your social media!

With excitement and gratitude, Ethan Turner Executive Director of Maison Ethan Turner

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