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Major Reviews Coming In!

From the influencer world we were featured on a Youtube series by Marcials Blends Fragrances, an amazing New York Fragrance Reviewer who gave MOI Fragrances a 50/10 on his exceptional scale. For him, that means that he would recommend someone to try our experience as a "blind buy". A blind buy in the fragrance world is a term used to say buying without even sampling - the top rating for purchasing a fragrance. His custom fragrance Mèlange Pour un Mixeur can be ordered by messaging his Instagram account.

Launch Party!

We are now only 10 days away from our official Launch Party, and we can't wait to have you there. The festivities will be held on Sunday, June 13th in Scottsdale, AZ at the The Mick Brasserie between 2:30pm-5pm. Entrance will be $35 and will include 3 tasters of wine and hors d’œuvres. Executive Director, Ethan Turner, will be building fragrances on site for a true VIP Experience, charging $100 one-time or registering for the subscription at $80 every 90 days.

Jeff Menzer, Sommelier on staff, will be sharing wines that inspired my journey. The event is open to the public so bring a friend and come have a drink and mingle after brunch!

Follow this link for more info:

Follow this link to RSVP:

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