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MOI Fragrance Officially Open For Business

Ninety days ago, The Maison Ethan Turner Team set out on a mission to build fragrances that would help share the stories of our clients. The result of that was MOI Fragrances. It was conceptualized as a new way to experience shopping for perfume and cologne that would completely have the client at its center. We started with you, and that is why our name is MOI. The acronym MOI stands for My Olfactive Imitation, and the word Moi means "me" in French. Our logo is an overlapping M.O.I, and represents the overlapping layers of a fragrance: the Head, Heart, and Body notes. This overlapping is integral to how we see our core values. We want to make fragrances that:

  1. Intrigue the Mind (Head)

  2. Please the Heart

  3. Feel great on your Body.

In order to fulfil our mission and core values, we decided to offer a completely bespoke experience as our sole product. This would mean that every fragrance is truly representative of each client. Still, that wasn't enough. To take it two steps further we decided to offer it as a subscription so you can have a fragrance for every season and reason. More, we offer every client of MOI an opportunity to monetize their fragrance. If a friend enjoys the way you smell, they can flatter you by ordering your unique formula. In return we will give you a commission.

So after ninety days of your support we are ecstatic to announce that MOI Fragrances from Maison Ethan Turner is now open for business. This week we will begin producing and fulfilling orders, and you should have your fragrance within the next two weeks. We will continue taking orders and invite you to send friends our way. The Maison Ethan Turner team is going to remain committed to pushing the bounds of what is possible in the fragrance industry. This is only the beginning, and we are excited to have you on the ride with us.

- Ethan Turner

Founder and Executive Director of Maison Ethan Turner

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