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MOI Fragrances Launches Fragrance Collaboration With SENTI

MOI Fragrances collaborates with SENTI Designs, an African inspired modern men’s fashion line connecting the African Diaspora.

Scottsdale, Arizona (September 2, 2021) – SENTI is partnering with MOI Fragrances, of Maison Ethan Turner to launch a collaborative fragrance for the Fall/Winter 2021 season. The collaboration will officially launch after SENTI debuts its Fall/Winter 2021 collection at Tempe Fashion week on Saturday, October 2nd, 2021. The partnership comes as an inspiration for creating more connections between African diaspora owned clothing brands and perfumeries.

As part of the Fall/Winter 2021 Fashion Collection, the brands created a fragrance that represents different parts of the African diaspora. SENTI is helmed by Nigerian-American designer Emeka Ukaga. Trained as an architect and civil engineer, Ukaga borrows heavily from his West African roots and resources to produce the fabrics and silhouettes for his brand. SENTI is extremely mindful in ensuring that their apparel remains true to the legacy that has come before it - everything, from the logo, branding, to the textile printing of the brand borrows from West African design, art, and logographic motifs. MOI Fragrances is driven by Sommelier and Perfumer in training, Ethan Turner as the flagship brand of Maison Ethan Turner. Turner is a 5th generation African-American who has lead different social movements for African-American equality. MOI Fragrances was created to not only create bespoke fragrances, but to tell stories and to create olfactive art and technology. The collaboration brings together two worlds that have been kept oceans apart. One that has deep roots in African traditions and materials, and another striving to tell the stories of all peoples.

The fragrance launch will include a unisex fragrance telling the story of worlds separated between two different coasts. Donning the name “Anuri A La Plage”, the Eau de Parfum will represent the bright Joy felt at the beach. “Anuri” is Igbo, a Nigerian Language, for the word Joy. “A la plage” is French for “at the beach”. Anuri A La Plage on initial spray, expresses aquatic notes with African sweet orange, Iris, and Blueberry, that flourishes into a Madagascar Vanilla and Virginia Cedar. The fragrance is placed in a blue glass, allowing one to see the ocean between two different coasts.

SENTI is a highly anticipated brand for the showing at Tempe Fashion Week, and this type of collaboration between a perfumery and fashion brand will be a first for the Phoenix Metro Area. The anticipation that surrounded the MOI Fragrance launch has only bolstered the support for SENTI as current customers plan to buy in, “[I’m] happy to be an early adopter and hope others soon use their products!” – Sai Kappagantula, MOI Fragrance Client. The collaboration is only the beginning and we can expect to see more. “This is one of my best creations yet, and I’m already planning for more. SENTI touches home in many ways, and I hope to be a long-time collaborator with Emeka and his brand.” – Ethan Turner, MOI Executive Director

Anuri A La Plage will be available for pre-order, using a $50 deposit, through the SENTI website . The fragrance will launch Saturday, October 2nd and will be available on SENTI and the MOI Fragrances website for the full $99.

Stay connected via social channels for the most up to date information on launch events and where the fragrance will be officially available for purchase.

Follow MOI Fragrances or SENTI on Instagram, Facebook @MoiFragrances and @SentiDesigns. We encourage followers to use SENTI’s official hash tags #SENTI, #SENTIMAN, and #ULIARTHOUSE when communicating with or about the brand. We encourage followers to use MOI Fragrances’ official hash tags #MOIFragrances, #MaisonEthanTurner, and #MOI2021 when communicating with or about the brand.

MEDIA REQUESTS: Media or photographers can request information by email from either brand at or

To request photos, interviews or for more information about MOI Fragrances, contact Ethan Turner.

To request photos, interviews or for more information about SENTI, contact Emeka Ukaga.

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