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MOI Fragrances on Tour

We're hitting the road!

We're excited to announce multiple locations that we will be having wine and perfume events. Starting off July 30th - August 2nd, we will be at the Phoenix Salsa and Bachata Congress with a booth building bespoke fragrances for the dance community. This is a private event at the Hyatt Regency in Downtown Phoenix. Next, August 15-18th we will be hosting private events in Atlanta, Georgia. The following week we will be in Los Angeles, California from August 27-30th for a public Olfactory Meet and Greet. Get your tickets here! We are still open for booking after August and would love to work with you!

We are seeking to do events more targeted towards men and are researching an event for Cigars, Cologne, and Cognac/Whiskey tasting. If you are interested in joining us, send an email to to plan one out!

For more information:

Magazine Features

This week we were a featured interview in the premier edition of "The Spritz", which is a UK based fragrance magazine focused on providing bites of information on the fragrance world. The writer, Elly, is a well respected member of the fragrance community. To read our interview click "here".

Refer a Friend

We are constantly growing, however, I would love to ask a favor from each of you. If you have enjoyed our service, whether event or bespoke subscription. Please reach out to a friend and ask them to sign up for the MOI Experience! We have updated our ordering process for new clients, and there is a new interactive experience available on the website. Thank you for supporting me, and for sharing my dream with others.

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