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MOI Fragrances Receives Major Headlines!

We're Featured in Ask Men!

Tuesday, October 12th the SENTI collaboration with MOI Fragrances, of Maison Ethan Turner was written as a top 11 fragrance to wear for the Fall by AskMen. Our fragrance, Anuri A La Plage, was compared to Maison Margiela, Gucci, Dior, Zaharoff, and many others! This is huge for having just launched the fragrance only 10 days prior, and the reviews from initial customers will be coming in soon!

The fragrance was designed to tell the story of the African Diaspora. Specifically, we aimed to create a fragrance that brought two worlds separated by one ocean together. We aimed for natural and less synthetic smelling materials, more fruit and vibrancy, as well as utilizing amazing ingredients from Virginia and Africa.

To read the full article check out this link!

Orders can be made on the SENTI website for $99.

Invited to Tour ISIPCA

Another amazing update on my Paris Trip. Several perfumers have already connected with me to begin creating relationships for future growth in Paris. Furthermore, the most renown institute for perfumery in the world has invited me to tour the campus. Institut supérieur international du parfum, de la cosmétique et de l'aromatique alimentaire (International Higher Institute of Perfume, Cosmetics and Food Aromatics), shortened as ISIPCA is Alma Mater to many of the greatest perfumers alive today. Recognized Alumni include:

  • Francis Kurkdijan the Creative Director of Dior Perfumes and founder of Maison Francis Kurkdijan

  • Mathilde Laurent the in-house perfumer of Cartier, and uniquely

  • Alexandre Schmitt the International Wine Expert and Sommelier for Château d'Yquem, Petrus, Château Cheval Blanc, Château Lafite Rothschild, Château Margaux, Château Ducru Beaucaillou, Opus One Winery, Harlan Estate, Colgin Cellars and more.

I will be touring as part of the Executive Education Program and learning more about opportunities available to me for developing as a perfumer and business owner. More updates will come on the Paris Trip as the date approaches.

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