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The Launch of Something New

Our Commitment to Education

Maison Ethan Turner is not only dedicated to creating fragrances that tell your story, but also to providing current and useful education on the art and science of olfaction! Today we announce our first step into that. We have created an interactive MOI Fragrance Experience Guide that will help you on your journey with MOI Fragrances, provide fun Fragrance Facts, and a bit of Myth Busting on the world of perfumery. The guide is Free! The guide will be sent to you as an attachment when you order a fragrance through our website. It is also available under our FAQ page as a way to help answer further questions future clients may have about our business. We would love to hear feedback on what you would like added! What myths do you want to know more about, what tips are you craving to hear, and what questions do you have about the MOI Fragrance Experience? So what are you waiting for, dive in:

The MOI Fragrance Experience Guide

Want a physical copy as a coffee table book, email!

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